About Us

About Us

We are the nation’s CTC and Orthodox Tea specialist, with a passion for everything that makes a quality brew. Since the commencement of the Kalubowitiyana CTC Tea operation, we have been spreading our reach globally by manufacturing thick coloury CTC grades for renowned, quality blends for everyone to enjoy.

Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Ltd (KTFL) was incorporated on the 30th of September 1992 as a Public Company fully owned by the Government of Sri Lanka and functioning under the Ministry of Plantation Industries. It began commercial operations with the commencement of manufacturing at the newly built CTC Tea Factory located in Kalubowitiyana, Morawaka on 1st August 1994. The Derangala Tea Factory in Derangala Morawaka was re-built under the Kalubowitiyana umbrella, and commenced manufacturing of Orthodox Teas in March 2000. Company acquired the Hiniduma Hills Tea Factory in Neluwa and Menikdiwela Tea Factory in Manikdiwela, Pilimathalawa to its network in the years 2012 and 2015, increasing the total production capacity to over 1700 MT p.a..

Our Vision and Mission


To be the most recognized model in manufacturing and marketing of best Sri Lankan CTC and Orthodox Tea.


To manufacture superior quality, tasty and consumer friendly Sri Lankan Tea aiming at Internal and External markets.

Our Story

Since September 1992

Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Ltd (KTFL) was incorporated under the Companies Act on 30th September 1992 as a public company fully owned by the government under the Ministry of Plantation Industries. It began commercial operations as a CTC Tea Factory at Kalubowitiyana, Deniyaya Electorate, Sri Lanka on 01st August 1994. This CTC Tea Factory was built with the assistance of the Indian Line of Credit. The company started the Derangala Tea Factory as its second tea factory producing Orthodox Teas in March 2000. The Company has been operating on a self-financing basis since 1995. And the company also started its third tea factory Hiniduma Hills producing orthodox Tea in 2011 and followed by 4th tea factory in Kandy.

Minister's Message

State Minister's Message

Secretary's Message

Secretary's Message

Chairman's Message

As a contributor to the national tea grid, Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Ltd supports the state sector and the Tea Smallholders of Sri Lanka. Kalubowitiyana Tea produces the highest volumes of low-grown CTC tea, and it is with great pride that we celebrate the dedication and commitment of our expert teams that have led our brand to be awarded with a prestigious range of national and industry specific accolades throughout our journey of over two decades.

As we forge ahead as a brand that is celebrated and respected within the tea industry, we strive to ensure that we improve our brand salience within the minds of our consumers.

The citizens of Sri Lanka are no strangers to a golden standard of tea which has now become a national flavour that is a part of millions of daily routines around the country. As a ‘state owned’ and ‘community driven’ enterprise, our growth plan hinges on our passion to empower the famed tea culture of Sri Lanka.

Our four factories - Kalubowitiyana and Derangala in the Matara District, Hiniduma Hills in the Galle District, and Menikdiwela in the Kandy District, enrich the lives of over 4,000 tea smallholders, while supporting the livelihoods of over 350 employees. The economic benefit and stability that Kalubowitiyana Tea provides to over 10,000 people, is no small feat. The people whose dreams we uplift are masters in the craft of tea production in their own right, and their contribution to producing the tea that has dominated the world for generations is a vital part of the success we celebrate today. Ensuring their survival and growth is a cornerstone of our corporate mission and we will continue to carry out initiatives that elevate the lives of these valuable communities.

Tea production accounts for over 2% of the Sri Lanka’s GDP and is one of the key industries that drive foreign exchange into the country. We remain today as one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of tea but are closely followed by emerging markets that have studied the trade and now harness innovative and efficient production methods that have created blends that are infiltrating the global industry and catering to a much larger variety of evolving human needs. While we may be one of the pioneers of the authentic golden brew, Ceylon Tea aims to lay the groundwork to stay ahead of our competitors and adopt newer technologies in the management and production of tea plantations to overcome the challenges of the trade and to remain competitive and relevant in the industry.

We work in stride with His Excellency, President Ranil Wickramasinghe's vision and under the guidance of Hon. Dr. Ramesh Pathirana -Minister of Plantation industries and the leadership of Mr. Lohan Rathwatte - State Minister of Plantation Industries, We have been able to envision the path to success for the future of Kalubowitiyana Tea and our contribution to the national tea program.

I commend the team at Kalubowitiyana Tea for their continued hard work and the passion with which they embrace each day. I am confident that together, we are beyond capable of navigating through the challenges we face, and I look forward to leading you, as we continue to enrich the proud legacy of this pioneering organization.

Mr.Aminda Rodrigo.

Managing Director’s Message

We were able to deliver exceptional results to all our stakeholders during the financial year 2022/23 despite the economic recession both in Sri Lanka and globally. I am grateful to all our stakeholders for the confidence placed upon us with regard to carrying out our operations successfully amidst the challenges faced both by the industry and the country last year.

The Company produced 1548 MT of teas and earned Rs. 2635 Mn of recorded income which led to the highest profit recorded during the history of KTFL in 2022/23. Similarly, 'Kalubowitiyana Tea' achieved the highest price in the 'Colombo Tea Auction' and paid the highest rate for Green Leaf Supplied by the Tea Small Holders. This is a remarkable achievement by any tea company in the history of the industry. We are glad to contribute to both the national economy and Tea Small Holders with these outstanding performances. These extraordinary performances are mainly due to transformations caused as a result of the following developments introduced:

  • Latest technology in factories to cut down on labour and to also improve the quality of tea produced,
  • MIS, CCTV, Face Detection Machines, Automating the green leaf weighing, Despatch and Guard Rooms to improve transparency and Good Governance.
  • 292 Numbers Internal Circulars prescribing the Processors, Systems and procedures and Job Descriptions, Targets, KPIs, Performance Evaluation to all the employees to strengthen the Administration.
  • Incentive, Compensation schemes as well as Training and Appreciations to encourage the employees whilst taking stern action against the employees whose performances are not up to standards in order to properly manage the workforce.

Our greatest strength is our dedicated employees in the industry. Despite the challenges, our employees committed to achieve the desired results and I am very much grateful to all of them. Similarly, we resolved to help our Green Leaf Suppliers and the community of the area to strengthen their socio-economic standards by continuously carrying out Training and CSR programmes as the Company wants to grow as a ‘lifestyle improvement’ partner for both our Green Leaf Suppliers,

Transporters and the Community at large. The Plantation Ministry, Treasury and the Board of Directors extended enormous support for all endeavours throughout.

The company contributed Rs. 2.5 Mn being the best producer, propelling our economy forward whilst approximately 400 Tea Smallholders were paid the best rates for their harvest. By promoting Good Agricultural Practices and initiatives for implementation of renewable energy sources which reduce carbon footprint, the campaign contributed to ethical practices, promoting the sustainable development of the tea industry.

The campaign united all our strengths to achieve our corporate objectives through continuous development to decrease the Cost of Production and increase the Net Sales Average. The company will be able to achieve the cutting edge of the tea industry through teamwork and implementing the planned strategies to maximise its revenue which will invariably lead to enhancing the ‘Quality of Life’ of all our stakeholders. Through these endeavours the company is resolved to achieve greater heights. I thank all the contributors and seek continued support to increase the value of the enterprise and to increase the Gross National Income of the country at a stage when the National Economy is encumbered with a serious financial crisis.

Dr .M.N. Jayawardane.
Managing Director/CEO