Corporate Social Responsibility We here at Kalubowliiyana Tea prioritize giving back to our community beyond all else. We approach our social responsibility in terms of the three aspects of Society, Environment and the Economy.


The consumption of non-renewable energy is a major threat to our environment, which is why Kalubowitiyana Tea is taking measures to transition away from the use of fossil fuels and move towards the implementation of renewable energy sources, which will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, Kalubowiliyana Tee is part of a pilot project in collaboration with the Ministry of Plantations to minimize the use of firewood by using the more sustainable altemative, gliricidia.


Kalubowitiyana Tea places great importance on ensuring the welfare of our 4,000 tea smallholders and does so by paying them the highest possible prices for their harvests to enable the upliftment of their living standards. We also work with the Randalu Society, which takes care of our valued suppliers' welfare needs.


With a turnover of approximately Rs 2.5 billion and as a producer of an export commodity of great value to the country, we generate foreign currency that plays a vital role in propelling our economy forward.