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Kalubowitiya Tea Factory Limited (KTFL) is a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act No; 17 of 1982 and re-registered under the new Companies Act No; 07 of 2007. The Company was established to produce Cut, Tear and Curl (CTC) Tea and commenced commercial operations on 1st August 1994, with an initial capital of Rs. 50 Million consisting of five million shares valued Rs.10 per share. The initial capital was provided under the Indian line of Credit. Our second tea factory at Derangala was established under the same line of credit and commenced its operations in March 2000. Our third Tea factory is the Hiniduma Hills Tea Factory, was previously under the Tea Shakthi Fund, was transferred to KTFL under a profit sharing agreement. The Company re-established this factory using its own funds and the Hiniduma Tea Factory commenced operations from 2012.

The latest addition to the Company is the Manikdiwela Factory which was previously belonged to the Tea Shakthi Fund, located at Manikdiwela Village, Yatinuwara Electorate in Kandy District. The Company used its own funds to re- establish this factory as well.

The Company produces approximately 2,000,000 Kgs, of quality teas annually, using the selected green leaf purchased from the smallholders.

The kalubowitiyana, Factory produces CTC Teas using the CUT, TEAR and CURL process, whilst Derangala, Hiniduma and Manikdiwela adopt the conventional orthodox process to produce range of leafy and small grades

KTFL owns and operates 4 ISO 22000; 2005 Certified Factories, which manufacture the highest-quality Pure Ceylon Tea for the global market. Also add considerable brand value to KTFL’s credentials as the leading CTC Tea manufacturer in the country. Reinforcing the commitment to be a world class Tea manufacturer, KTFL has adopted the internationally-accepted best practices including Global Gap framework, RA/UTZ standards and guidelines, in addition to Good Manufacturing Practices.

The Company’s Tea production – around 90% is sold at the Colombo Tea Auction through Brokers, whilst a small proportion is destined for the local market through Sales Centers located island wide, Factories and Head Office.

    The mandate of the company as per the Articles of Association is as follows:
  • To carry on the business of tearing, curing, preparing, processing and manufacturing tea leaf purchased from growers
  • To cultivate, grow, manage and superintend tea plantations.

Garden Marks and Type of Teas

Kalubowitiyana which Garden Mark of CTC is famous for its premium grade ; PF1 as it helps the busy world experience the true flavours of Teas by filling easy to use Tea Bags is the leader of CTC manufacturer in the becoming popular among local consumers.

Derangala, and Hiniduma marks has its reputation for appearance of its dark Tea Leaves of various shapes, when brewed, it materialises as a rich red liquid, full flavoured, strong and robust, a liquor distinctively unique from the other six regions.

Manikdiwela mark produces typical low grown style range of Tea grades which has a distinctive bright intensely full bodied taste












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Our Teas are renowned for its excellent quality, having been certified for accepted quality certifications, product responsibility and customer health & safety. All products and processes are fully compliant with ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP certification issued by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board and additionally all the factories have received GMP Certification. Implementation and maintaining Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP) for all Black Tea manufacturing facilities reinforces our commitment towards product responsibility and ensures Food Safety and quality standards are maintained form end-to-end. Tea Quality is tested annually for heavy metals; Microbiological criteria and Agro-Chemical residues are per the requirement of ISO 3720 standard.